Game State 0

So, this is my new blog’s first post.

I intend to write here about the hole Game Development World, including Game Design, Game Industry, Game Development Techniques and Games itself (of course). If you’re asking yourself why I took that decision (to create this blog) it’s simple: I’ve doing, for the last three months, a Game Design on-line course and thus I have made a close encounter with this amazing gaming-world.

I have always been a gamer. As a child I played games (tag, hide-and-seek, etc), while a teenager I played board games alongside my first video-games (Sega’s Master System and NES). When I was given my first PC (a 486), the first program I had installed was a game (Jurassic Park!) and after that I became a PC-gamer, and throughout the coming years I diminished my playtime until a couple of years ago, when I stopped for good. Well, at least until my inner gaming-beast was awakened by the discovery of the Nintendo DS! I met it through a magazine and was hooked. Although I haven’t been able to buy my own (yet!) DS, I’ve become a Nintendo-fan-by-heart and was dragged onto the gaming world.

As a professional developer it wouldn’t take that much to start developing games. And it didn’t.

Right now I’m finishing the Game Design course, which has shown me the most wide landscape of the gaming industry, and has worked as a fire-lighter for my first game.

And for you guys who are interested on this course:
#portuguese_mode is ON#

O curso é ministrado por Christiano Lima Santos, fundador do Instituto dos Jogos. A próxima turma começará no dia 3 de dezembro e o custo total é de R$ 40. Isso mesmo, é barato e vale muito a pena. Se você quer entrar nesse mundo de desenvolvimento de jogos, o caminho é esse!

Insituto dos Jogos:
#portuguese_mode is OFF#

If you’re not Brazilian or does not understand portuguese, I’m afraid this course won’t be useful to you. But I’m sure you can find some things over Google, and I promise that if I find any hint on game design courses in other languages I’ll drop a line here. So, don’t forget to check back here often. ;o)

Well, I think that’s enough for a first post. Bye-bye.


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