No AOD Campaign

This is silly. Really.

When I joined my current team, almost one year ago, it didn’t take much time until I heard an expression that was widely spread among teammates: “This code looks like someone coded it using his ass” (from portuguese: Parece que alguém programou isso aqui com a bunda!). After hearing it for a while I assumed it sounded a little “rude”, and decided to create a nice acronym. Actually the acronym would be of the translation I came up with: AOD, standing for Ass Oriented Development.

A couple of lunch-times after that, and I created the following sign, printed it and taped it to on of my cubicle’s wall:

So, if you want to spread the “NO AOD Campaign” all over your office, be my guest. Just download the PDF and get it moving.

By the way, I remembered this thing because a fellow worker stumbled upon the following lines of code:

try {
catch (IOException ioex) {
throw ioex;
catch (Exception ex) {
new IOException( ioex.getMessage );

Take a look on the code above.

Did you see it? No? Try again…

Ok, the thing is, where is the throw on the second catch? Some might say “The programmer was in a hurry” or “He/she was asleep”, but the bug should be caught during unit tests, huh? 🙂

(I’m not saying that I don’t make AOD sometimes. I really do, like everyone else. I just think that we should be more careful, that’s all) 😉

I told you it was silly.


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