Flash Games, a profitable market

I’ve just read this article over Gamasutra, The Flash Game Business: Making A Living Online? – by Kyle Orland. And it does adds up a little info on how to gain money developing games.

As I stated earlier, to develop casual games is a good start on earning some cash, and nowadays casual gaming is a synonym of flash games. Actually, you can create any kind of games with flash, and you can create a casual game using any other language, but casual flash games are out there to stay (for a while, at least).

Since when I began studying games and game development I have decided that I should study flash and create a game using it. The reason was really to get in touch with one of the currently most used technologies, and feed my mind with another stuff than Java. But after reading these two articles I’ve made up my mind real good: flash games are going to be my next stop, and I’m heading towards it at full throttle.


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