Game Design Friday

Last Friday I discovered this awesome section of The Escapist magazine called Game Design Friday. Over there you’ll find a new game designed every last Friday of the month. The game designer in charge is Scott Jon Siegel, and he has such great games there.

Currently there are only five games, but that number will surely grow up monthly.

As Brenda Brathwaite said on her post about Game Design Portfolio, an aspiring Game Designer should create games. Any kind of them, and surely not only digital ones.

During my time studying Game Design I have discovered in me a creativity that I was unaware of. But what I did realize is that everyone has this creativity, but when they think they don’t it’s beacuse they haven’t focused on creative tasks yet. As far as I know, everyone has been a child, and I during that period, everyone was creative. Everyone has drawn, painted, made up games, made up solutions to ordinary problems, made up stories to tell to other kids. Everyone has sung.

The problem with creativity is growing up. Taking responsibilities. Diverting your mind from creating things and focusing on copying things. You begin to do exactly what is expected, and get used to it.

I have been exercising my creativity lately. What about you?


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