War in Rio

I should have posted this earlier, but I forgot.

A 29-year-old brazilian designer created a version of Risk (known as War in Brazil) that takes place on the city of Rio de Janeiro, instead of the entire world. The territories are named after some “favelas” and famous neighbourhoods, while the armies are named after Rio’s police squads and drug-dealing gangs.

The game was named War In Rio, and its creator have manufactured everything that the game demanded. In his own words “The project’s goal is to generate discussion through a cynical proposal of having fun”.

For those of you that are unaware of it, the city of Rio de Janeiro have a lot of favelas, that hold heavy armed drug-dealers gangs. The conflicts between theses gangs and the police are widely-feared by the population, since they take place within the streets of the city and often claims for the lives of ordinary passers-by.

You can find some photos below, and if want to see the official website, the URL is http://jogowarinrio.blogspot.com (portuguese only).


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