Brazil’s first game development course targeted to non-gamers

That’s really good news. I rejoiced when I heard it on the radio this morning. Finally Brazil’s gaming industry is kicking in properly.

Universidade cria curso de games para psicólogos, educadores e publicitários
(University creates game development course targeted to psychologists, professors and publicity persons)

I don’t know when the first game development course was created on Brazil, but I know that nowadays there are few of them. The ones I’ve seen so far are just specialization courses, none gives a  bachelors degree, though. And even these specialization courses were kind of odd. They would offer even four different programming languages, instead of focusing on only one, and also offer shallow game-theories subjects.

But having a look over this new course programme,  I saw that it seems really well structured. It doesn’t offer a single programming language, focusing only on the theories about gaming, entertainment and simulations. I really liked it. It seems professional and mature, even for a new course. And although the course has been promoted as target to non-gamers, I find it mandatory for people seriously longing to develop games. That’s because the course will give them a few new perspectives. And that’s the first step towards innovation. Open your mind, Neo.

I wish I lived on São Paulo and could afford it. Actually I don’t wish I lived on São Paulo. So I wish the course was around here and I could afford it. And I hope that it live up to my expectations and help defining a new standard for game development courses over here.


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