Reading catch-up, part one.

Yesterday evening I decided to catch up on my gaming reading. As I don’t have internet connection at home, I usually print the articles I want to read later, and the thing is, I’ve got a lot of papers to take a look. But I did manage to read a couple:

Designing A Next-Gen Game For Sound
The Designer’s Notebook: Ten Years Of Great Games

And I’m still reading this one through, Constructing Artificial Emotions: A Design Experiment, a wonderful article by Daniel Cook. As usual.

(I’ll add my personal comments on it when I’m done reading it, what I expect to be really soon )

But for the ones I’ve read, I should say this…

1) For me sounds play a major role on the game experience, and always have, even when I wasn’t aware of it. I take it for instance nowadays, when I hear the music of a game from my past, I’m immediately sent to that time. Not even Hiro could beat me.

And when I mean I’m sent to that time, I do mean that even the emotions are there. I remember and experience the fear again. The joy. The suspense.

Because of that I agree with Rob Bridgett. Sound Designers should be present on the Game Design since its conceptual phase. Not even for creating the music since, but to getting into the mood. To aligning with the other designers, in order to look at the same landscape the rest of the team is looking at.

2) For me, that got back in touch with the game world a couple of years ago, Ernest Adam‘s article was a really good reading. I could remember some games back when I was still a gamer (StarCraft, Half-Life) and was able to get to know more about some titles that I’d just heard about.

Even though Adams keeps on saying that the list is his personals, I do think it’s quite fair. So you should check it out to, history is always a good thing to learn. And if you plan on working on this industry, history is a mandatory subject.


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