0.01 Inspiration + 0.99 Perspiration

“Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”
– Thomas A. Edison

I couldn’t agree more with that. I don’t remember the first time I read/heard this quotation, but it felt so much true for me that it stuck on the back of my head. Eventually it led me to think about creativity, and recently these thoughts have been refined, trimmed, and I feel comfortable enough to share them.

My mom told me that I always liked to draw. She said that I really enjoyed spending a lot of time drawing things. I do remember some of these moments (whether if this memories were built from my mom’s or if they’re genuine mine), but I certainly remember my older drawings. There was a time I couldn’t stop drawing. When I listened to a song, I would draw it. When I saw something that I liked, there it goes, down to the paper. I really liked that. But as many things you leave behind when you’re growing up, I left drawing behind. Actually, I replaced it with other things, each one at a time, of course.

At a first moment I would say that when I used to draw I was very creative. But giving it a second thought I can see that I’ve always been creative, as I said previously, it is just a matter of focusing on one thing at a time.

About a bunch of months ago I decided that I should write my first book. Well, the thing was, I have never thought of writing before, but I had an increasing amount of stories, actually pieces (beginnings, middles and endings, not necessarily connected) of stories and decided that, as an assiduous reader, I should give writing a chance. After sharing this will with some friends, one of them lent me a book that tried to coach its readers on the creative process of writing a book. It did help me get the things started. The first thing I tried was creating a blog so I could just write down any idea, sketches and suchlike. That blog is still “alive” although I haven’t been feeding it for the last year, but it’s still there.

Then again some more time went by and I ended up on a Game Design course. I don’t remember when I noticed it, but somewhere on the last three months a switch of creativity turned on in such a way I haven’t experienced since my early days of drawing. Suddenly a lot of ideas begun popping on my head, and then I created another blog for game ideas and sketches, just like the one for books. But the difference is that this blog is being update as the former never was. And it feels really, really good. I feel motivated, I feel like I’m doing something that makes sense for me again. And precisely why is that so? I don’t have the slightest idea.

Or maybe I do. Similar to the book that aided me on getting my first writing ideas out of my head, the game design course I did provided me with tools, with techniques to help me on this new journey of mine. I learned how to think properly, in the matter of creating a game. Now I have some idea of where to begin, and in which direction to go. And everytime I start a new walk, I feel more confident. I haven’t finished my first game yet, and am not working on the area, but I do feel that my opportunity is aproaching.

Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll work as an information systems developer until I retire. But I really don’t see this coming.

I’ve drawn, tried to play bass, played basketball, been a developer for the last 10 years and I’ve tried to became a writer. Now I had my inspiration, and I’m pumping out a lot of perspiration.

It feels good, but I’m no Genius, I’m just being creative.


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