A Change in Strategy

The other day I was having a chat over lunch with some guys that work on a game project here at C.E.S.A.R. The conversation was mostly about my current interest on the area (game development) and how I was approaching to it. At a given time during the chat, someone said to me that if what I really wanted to be was a game designer then I should try gathering some people, game developers, in order to set up a team to develop a game design of mine, instead of trying to build the entire game by myself.

I should agree that it’s a valid idea. The thing is, as for my first game I really wanted to build it from scratch, since I wanted to get in touch with every bit of its design and implementation. But maybe sometimes this may not be an appropriate solution, given the fact that I have a lot of game ideas that I want to get rolling.

So, I’ve decided that this game I’m currently working on, my first game, will be developed by a small team in a near future. I still want to do somethings by myself and then talk to some friends that are willing to help me. And then I will pick my next project, gather a team right from the beginning and see how it’ll behave itself.

Wish me luck, I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Oh, and if you have any other advise on game development, don’t by shy and share it!


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