Alone in The Dark

Wow. I have just seen the trailer of the new game of the Alone in The Dark franchise, and the graphics are astonishing. Actually they’re excepted to be like that nowadays, but as I have re-played the original AitD recently it really knocked me off. But after watching it I found myself hoping that this new game would bring back the atmosphere of the first one, would give me the thrills when playing it, would set me really frightened. Because that’s the way I felt when I played AitD for the first time.

I was glad I watched this trailer today, after reading the articles mentioned on the last post, because I could notice that the game’s in-game screen doesn’t have any HUD on the standard, third person, mode, only a red dot when in first person mode, and an excellent design for the inventory! And I mean it. I really liked it, and hope it feels good.

The links come in two flavours, portuguese and english. Suit yourself.


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