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I read quite a few articles yesterday, and I would like to point them to you, with a little comments also.

To begin with we have Can A Stuffed Bear Hold The Secret To Game Piracy? in which Kim Pallister gives us a really nice heads-up on where to head for innovation on the current game distribution models in order to avoid and diminish software piracy. I would only add that this solution would be harder to implement on third-world nations, like Brazil, where software in general  is still expensive.

A succinct analysis on in-game layout can be found on the article The State of WYSIWYG Game Design, by Andrew Doull. The author presents some examples in a nice tex, and also gives the URL for a great article on the same topic, Off With Their HUDs!: Rethinking the Heads-Up Display in Console Game Design, by Greg Wilson. I would say that these articles are a must-read for game designers, from aspiring to senior, for the information presented is extremely helpful specially if you think you’ve reached the edge on creating game immersion.

Finally, Game Feel: The Secret Ingredient, a brilliant article by Steve Swink. It felt really good when I read that I was going through a similar creation process as guru Shigeru Miyamoto, making use of a “gameplay garden” in order to prototype the game feel and test all the game’s mechanic before really getting into the end product.

Hope you all enjoy them.


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