Counter-Strike and Everquest banned from stores in Brazil

18/01/2008 – 16h26
Justiça proíbe Counter Strike em todo Brasil; Procon tenta recolher jogos

For those of you that can’t read portuguese, here it goes:
“Justice banned Counter-Strike in Brazil; Procon tries to collect the games”


It was hard to believe the headline when I first read it. But when I went through the entire article I was even surprised to see the outcome. According to one of Procon (Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation) officials, the Lan Houses don’t need to uninstall their copies of the games, because the law prohibits only their selling, not their use. He said that the use of those games are bound to one’s morale once those titles are both 18+, thus should not be prohibited.

So, is it only me or do you guys also find this situation to be paradoxical? I mean, children can’t buy the game, but if someone else bought it, they can play it. Frankly, this law was only a show-off from the judge, trying to get his name on the spotlight. If he was really concerned about children playing games that “attempt against the state of democracy and public security” he should have created a law that would reinforce the surveillance on game stores and lan houses.

Lastly, this judge is obviously unaware that 1) when you prohibit something to someone, you just make him curious about it and 2) you can find and buy/download anything you want over the internet. By the way, did I forget to mention that when the Procon officials went on the streets to collect the games copies they couldn’t found a single one?

Then again, shameful.


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  1. It’s not like everyone who plays these games starts shooting people down in the road -.-.

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