Facebook Gaming

It has been a while since Brenda Brathwaite expressed her fascination with the gaming platform that Facebook has spawned. She has been reporting her impressions on the platform model and on some of the game mechanics themselves. She has even suggested an interesting improvement that we hope it’ll be implemented by the dev team. Scott John Siegel had also expressed his impressions on the subject, and even created a categorization pattern, which is interesting and very real. Check it out.

Anyway, motivated by those studies I have added a few games to my profile. Even though I haven’t played some of them (but hadn’t removed them hoping that some day I’ll give them another try) there are a few that have hooked me in some way.

The one I actually play the most is Warbook. It’s a MUD-like strategy game. You have a kingdom to manage and the goal is to make it grow by conquering enemy’s land. The game also offers the player to make alliance with other players and other social features. As a HTML-based game I’m only disappointed by the no use of AJAX on some tasks (like deleting your history) that reload the page, and most of the time breaks the gameplay and compromises the game feel. Apart from that, and a few navigation improvements, I think the game’s mechanics are just fine. Let’s see how it’ll evolve (or not).

A couple of weeks after adding Warbook I finally gave Parking Wars a change. It took me sometime to add it because it felt like I was arriving late on this enormous party everybody is in, and there would be only leftovers and hot beer. I didn’t had that expected feeling but something similar, I’m afraid. The game is sure interesting, but as it relies on viral propagation for you to have more vacancies available, and I dislike sending invites to all of my friends, after a couple of weeks since I’ve added it, I still have only two neighbours and thus only a few vacancies. I think I’ll be removing it in the near future, but for now I’ll let it be.

And today I went on searching for RPGs. I thought that the resulting list would be wider, but only four games were shown. The first one I tried was Legend of Heroes, another MUD-like game. Actually I consider this one to be a genuine MUD. When I created my character and begun playing I felt being sent 10-12 years back, to the time when I played Legend Of The Red Dragon (LORD) on some BBSs. This reference raised my expectations upon the game, unfortunately that was a problem. It’s true that the game is still on it’s beta version (0.9.0 RC 1) and that should be taken on account, but I really missed some of LORD’s features, such as random events when searching for monsters, Seth Able, the Bard and other few. So, given its beta status I’ll wait for sometime and see what will come out.

Other game that appeared on the search result was Battle Stations, but as I haven’t installed/played it yet I’ll leave my comments to later.

Now I remember this post from Mrs. Brathwaite’s blog, in which Ian Schreiber compares the Facebook MMO Games as the BBS’ MUDs. Given my experience until now, I couldn’t agree more with him.


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