Legends of Heroes Level Design

Just a little comment I forgot to make on the last post. The worse problem I found on LoH was a level design problem related to the difficulty of the initial enemies. I started the game with 100 health, and after wandering about the other places on the town I decided to kill some monsters. After I clicked that button I was presented with a list of about ten monsters of two races. The weakest of the races had 40 hitpoints, thus I headed for it. Just as in LORD, the battle consist only of me choose whether to attack or to flee, and so I kept attackingn but for my surprise the battle wasn’t the piece of cake I was expecting. Actually it ended up with the beast being killed but costing me 45 hitpoints! After that I couldn’t find any place where I could restore my hitpoints. No potion at the shop, and on the Inn screen it didn’t said anything that resting on a room would restore anything. So, my first game venture was finished. I wouldn’t try to kill another monster for I would probably be killed, and what was there to be done? Nothing more. I decided I should check in on the Inn and take a look at it another time.

When I started writing this post I logged into the game and not for my surprise found my character fully charged, and even with more money (I had 15 at the beginning, spent 10 on the Inn, but right now I have 15 again) and I don’t know why. The game haven’t said that things would be like that and it feels so awkward.

Then again, it’s a beta version, but I don’t think that it’s ready to be a Release Candidate.


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