Legends of Heroes Upgraded

I’ve just logged into Facebook and accessed Legend of Heroes. I felt quite amused to check out the modification log and see some improvements on topics I’ve mentioned here before. Thanks to that I was able to enjoy a little playtime, and even upgrade my Hero to level 2.

Unfortunately (or not) I’ve found another bug. As the log states, now when you kill a monster you might find some food that would restore some of your hero’s health. That’s nice. The thing is that your health will be restored, and even increased no matter what your top health is, thou. So I had 100 hp before the first battle, but after a few rounds I had 250 hp (!). The way I see it, that’s a bug, but it might be a designed feature as well, but in this case I think the game should have told me.

All in all, the game is now a true release candidate, even though there are some bugs to be fixed.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I’m so surprised and glad to read about my game Legends of Heroes Facebook game on your blog.

    Most of the issues you mention are now fixed.

    The health issue you mention, it is not a bug, but a feature. Extra health points are granted for a short time to allow the hero to make advantaged killings, sort of like a power boost.

    Hope to see you in the game.

  2. Hi Vatche,

    Well thanks for your visit, and as I said earlier I do like the idea of your game and hope you keep on improving it. You’re doing a nice work. 🙂

    Now that the Carnival is over I’ll keep up with my daily visits.


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