Writing Issues

Nowadays I’ve been struggling to get some things done. My current project has finally overcome an obstacle that had been blocking it for almost a whole month, and I can relax a little and give the level design a thought. Additionally, my text-adventure is still hampered by my lack of creativity to find an ending to my story, but I’m aware that this ending might be even some months away. It’s just that the feeling of not finishing a project isn’t good at all, but let it be, let it be.

Meanwhile I’ve written down a initial game design for a children’s game, which I came up with having my own daughter on my mind (she’s two). I hope I can get it started soon, but I’m aware that it’s beginning will be though, since I intent to develop it using Flash, and the last time I used Flash there wasn’t even Action Script 1.0.

Oh, and I almost forgot that one of my short stories, or at least its sketch, has been growing up on the back of my head, and I must write it down as soon as possible and see what it’ll be looking like now, a short story, a text-adventure or else.

Finally, it’s Carnival. Fifteen minutes from now I’ll be heading to Dá O Loud, C.E.S.A.R.’s Carnival  party, and after that I’ll have the whole holidays ahead. Maybe I’ll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday for sure, anyway. Hope you guys have a great carnival, and just to be politically correct remember this: if you drink, don’t drive. And if you’ll going to have sex, make it safely. That said, have a nice Carnival!! 🙂


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