My Facebook Gaming

It’s been a while since my last post, but I promisse I’ll get back on schedule.

And now, my Facebook Gaming report:

  • Parking Wars: Uninstalled. It was getting a lot boring since I didn’t want to keep inviting my friends to play it. I invited twice, going further would be just SPAM. And a *hate* SPAM.
  • World Conquest: What a nice game! I had it installed early on this week but haven’t played until yesterday evening. I was having a chat with a couple of friends here at work an we started talking about War (Brazilian version of Risk) when I told them about WC. I then invited them, created a game and started playing. It took a while to get used/recall the rules and ever since the gaming has been really nice. The asynchronous gameplay is really well implemented. I think the graphics could be improved, but the current are just fine.
  • Warbook: Still playing it, but not that excited anymore. Even though a friend of mine have joined the game, and have been interacting with me, the game is becoming a little boring. But I’ll keep on playing it for a while…
  • Legends of Heroes: There you go. I’m enjoying the direction the game is heading, the last improvements were welcome, but I still have some questions/suggestions:
    • It would be really nice to set my own time zone, because playing with an 14h+ time zone can be very tricky.
    • I miss the “Flee” button on the battle screen. It has been replaced by the “Heal” button but I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. But I have my feelings that the fleeing functionality is still there when you click on any link that take you away from the battle field. I just think that this feature should be more explicit.
    • Concurrent fights… I know that the game essentially features an asynchronous gameplay, but today when fighting a monster my stats dropped really fast, and the minute I went to the “Hero” page I saw that I had -19 life points. When I checked the fighting log I could see why it was that way. I way killed by another hero, I just don’t know if he started hitting me while I was still fighting the monster. I hope not, because if he did, it’s a buggy behavior, as I see it.
    • Finally, I think the “Arena” should have a feature to enable a player search, because the Heros are displayed on a random basis. The thing is, I would like to go after that guy who attacked me. 🙂
    • [Update] Leveling: The leveling is quite odd, in my opinion. Your hero levels up by enemy killings, not by earning experience points. Thus, I can level up just by killing weaker enemies. I understand that by doing so I might get fewer coins and extra HP after each battle (or not, I’m just guessing), but I think that experience points are the ideal measure to rank a player’s level.

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