Game Design Carnival

I know I’m a little late, but here goes the report on my Carnival. As expected, I couldn’t finish the things I wanted to get finished, but I ended up finishing another things.

The story I had on the back on my head when I wrote that pre-carnival post is still there, but at least it seems to me that it won’t come out as a game of any kind. It’ll be a short story, or even a novelette, but let’s leave it to the future, after all it’ll come out when it pleases.

The thing was that another Game Design of mine started jumping inside it’s little cage and asked to come out. And then I let it out on my notebook. I wrote the main plot (very simple), defined it’s “genre” (hack ‘n slash) and even draw some sketches for conceptual art.

I feel very glad about it, because now I can focus on learning about the platform I want to develop it on (Adobe Flash), and hopefully I’ll start working on it still on the first semester.

The only problem I got from that is that I ended up so excited about it that I almost forgot my current project. But I’m trying to use it (the excitement for the new project) to propel the current project’s development towards its end. Let’s hope it will do. 🙂


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