Industry News: Brazil is Heating Up

According to this news post, the Brazilian gaming market is heating up, with its pockets full of money, but unable to hire skilled professionals. The post also states that the salaries goes from R$ 1800,00 up to R$ 6000,00.


That’s really odd. I mean, I live in Recife, the city in which this story was shot, and even the people interviewed work on the same company as I do, but, hey, where did they gathered that information from?

The company I work for is a research institute, our primary market isn’t games, it’s what our costumers want it to be. Sometimes they want games, and then we go for it, but I haven’t seen that amount of work being declined based on the lack of skilled professionals.

But that’s ok. I work on a different project and maybe I’m not able to see the whole picture. And I do hope so. As you guys already know I don’t work on the industry and I wish I worked. Better yet, I wish the gaming job offers here could offer a little more stability, if not the same amount as other areas at least a little more, because the market may be heating up but I DO hope it’s not due to steam instead of real fire.


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