Delightful Games

One: I had already heard of this game, but I downloaded it only after reading this post from Continue. After playing last night I must confess, I loved N! Brilliant gameplay, simple-but-yet-beautiful graphics and real good level design. If you guys like platform-puzzles, this is definitely the game for you. Download it here, and remember: DISTRIBUTE LIKE CRAZY!

Two: I’ll summarize it like this: platform game, Atari-retro graphics, NES-retro music, nice and smooth gameplay and good level design. I also played it last night and enjoyed myself so much! If you seem to like any characteristics I mentioned, then go for it! You won’t be displeased by You Found The Grappling Hook, I promise. Oh, by the way,  I found it through this post, if you want a little more info on it, check it out.


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