The Mobile Gaming Market

I’ve just read this post from Gamasutra, and it happens to be report a quite interesting discussion that took place on the GDC. It was about the mobile gaming marketing, specially on its selling and content discovery models. The current status of the American market was kind of a news flash for me, but not entirely unexpected, since the Brazilian market faces the same problems, but I used to think that the things were different above the equator line.

I found out that only a small percentage of the mobile phone users is made of game downloaders, and that the game’s prices are taken as expensive as they’re over here. But the thing is, maybe the price is said to be expensive due to the actual selling model, where you cannot get a proper description of the game nor get access to user comments before buying. Thus, odds are that you will be wasting your precious money. And you’ll think twice when it comes to buying another game.

Even though I haven’t read about it in a while, I think that the new Nokia’s N-Gage platform might present some solutions to the matter, specially on the discovery and recommendation issues. But as I don’t own any N-series phone (yet!), I think that I’ll need to stick to the news feeds to see what will come out of that bush.


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