The Yore, What a Nice Little Game

I don’t remember where I read The Yore‘s review, but I do remember it saying that the game was short. Unfortunately, it was right. The game is really, really good. Beautiful graphics, involving sound effects and a creepy ghost. It’s level design is good enough to provide a nice puzzle-solving experience and to properly lead the character through the rooms of the mansion.

The only problem I found was its duration. I haven’t timed but I finished it after playing it twice, and if I would (and I will) play it again I think I would be able to finish it in less than 10 minutes. Due to its duration, it leaves a strange feeling. It feels like it’s too easy! I’m sure that if it would be longer, its level design would provide us with more challenging puzzles and thus a richer experience.

All in all, its a lovely game and a must-play for those who like scary-puzzles. Go for it.


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