Game Jobs: To Apply For or To Not Apply For?

I’ve been faltering for the last couple of weeks, whether I should apply for a game job or not.

The thing is, I already know that what really matter is experience, whether it is academic or professional. And I still haven’t got any of those kind. I have been developing my first game, it’s true, but it’s also true that I haven’t touched it for more than a month, and it’s a little on half of its way out, so it’s not ready to be put on a portfolio.

In addition to my lack of experience, I’m not willing to go for a full-time game job since I won’t get into any job that would pay me the same amount I’m earning right now, and that would be due to my lack of exp. So, I’m willing to get a game job but I have about two or three hours of my day available, and thus I could only accept contract/outsourcing opportunities.

And now I lay my question: is it worthy for me to apply for a game job, having no experience and only a few hours a day available?

If you can shed some light, please, don’t be shy.  🙂


One Response

  1. Well. You should try. In some companies what matter is not your experience in games, but how good you will do thet company tests. Sure, you need to try some jr. opportunity.

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