Flash ActionScript 3.0 Study Guideline

On last Tuesday I started reading the chapter I mentioned earlier, on developing games in flash. It was doing fine until I went to implement the example code. When I inserted it into Flash I discovered that it was AS2 and not AS3, and as I couldn’t find a way to translate it I ended up very frustrated. I could have changed the Flash’s environment to work with AS2, it’s true, but it just seemed odd, working with an already “dead” language. I decided then that I should go after more resources.

I found them yesterday. I felt really dumb because I never though on searching for them there, the Adobe ActionScript documentation, in the first place. And what a nice surprise it was last night when I sat down and started reading the Programming ActionScript 3.0 document, it’s well written and structured, explaining well all the new characteristics of the ActionScript 3.0 programming language. Oh, and that was another nice surprise for me. I was expecting to find an interpreted scripting language, but what I found was a compiled object-oriented programming language, seeming very robust and, up until now, very similar to Java – which is also a good surprise for me, as a six-year Java developer. So here it goes my advice for you, dear Java-developer, eager to learn ActionScript 3.0, go for it. The text might contain some OO basic inf, but it’s harmful and you can skip it without regret and point your attention on what’s important to you. Just try to take a glance on these basic info to see if there are any notes on how AS3 implement some OO features.

I’ll continue to study AS3 using this document for I think I have finally found the ideal study resource for me. And as I’m going on vacation next month I hope that by the end of April I’ll be able to start playing with my new toy. If you have any advices for me – or any other developers, please, don’t be shy and share it on the comments. 🙂


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