Guitar Hero on a Arcade

At first, I was delighted. The mini-stage, filled with light-cannons, a huge screen and a mini electric guitar, it all seemed perfect! We bought some credits and went for it. My friend grabbed the guitar, inserted the credit and went on surfing the screens, it was then that I noticed that it wasn’t an Arcade machine, it was a PS2 underneath! But that’s fine, the game was still GHIII. So after he finished configuring the game, he went on playing, and then we noticed a counter just below the TV screen, it was displaying 2:30, and counting. The problem was that the music was longer than that!

On the second time we noticed that the credit would only grant you 5 (five!) minutes of “play”. The trick is to not configure anything, just keep pressing “OK” until the song list (or even skip it and go with the first one). After that you will need to wait for the PS2 to load the music, and only after that you’ll be able to play. Oh, and the clock is already ticking, so you should have around four minutes of play.

Man, I can’t tell how disappointed were we. Such a nice game available on such an horrible way. I hope they manage to change it to something more “fair”.

I wonder if Street Fighter II had a five minute limit… no one would know who Blanka is.

By the way, for those of you who want to check it out, the machine is at the Game Station on the Shopping Plaza Casa Forte, in Recife.


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