Legends Of Heroes Reloaded

I haven’t played LoH for a couple of months, but I tried it again last week, and I was enjoying it quite a bit (I managed to buy a 150-hit weapon on the store and was slaying a lot of butts!) when Vatche decided to do a master reset on the game. At first it felt odd, but then I read his post where he explained why he did it, and I agree with him. He changed the leveling mechanics from kill points to experience points, which I think was a great decision! The kill points worked fine while killing low-level monsters, but when it came to more fierce beasts, and even PvP, it felt awkward.

Now I think it’s working pretty well, and I’m excited about the quest system that he said he’s working on.

Mmm… the only feature that I miss from the good ‘ol days of LoRD is the auto-attack option. One could configure a minimum health points that the auto-attack should go off, I think that would be a nice feature to have on Legends of Heroes.


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