Pirates and Indians? Err… Indies?

What a shame.

Five minutes ago I was scrolling through my installed programs, searching for those I don’t use anymore in order to uninstall them, when I see the Aquaria program group. Then I remembered that I haven’t played it for a long time (and mind-schedule to get back to it soon!) and wondered if is there any news on it. “Maybe they’re porting it to the Wii! Or maybe there’s an expansion pack? Lemme check it out”. I then typed “www.aquaria.com” on my address bar and a “Server not found” appeared. Ok, then I went to Google. And finally I became really sad.

Upon searching for “bit blot aquaria” I was presented with a list of Torrents downloads, among some news on the game. I’m not going to say here that I’ve never downloaded and played pirated games, because that wouldn’t be true, but it’s been ages since I’ve done so. It’s true that for the last, say, 7-8 years I have been playing less video-games, but the last ones I remember playing were legally bought.

Then again it’s a shame they’re pirating an indie game that costs a lot less than major studios’ games.


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