Age of Conan Reminds me of Blade of Darkness

Today I was reading some news about how AoC is doing pretty well for a recently-launched MMO — have also seen a video of a topless, blood-thirsty, she-warrior — and by acknowledging its battle system I was riminded about an excellent game, possible the best I’ve played so far, “Severance: Blade of Darkness”.

I haven’t played AoC yet, that’s true, but based on what I have read and listened about its battle system I dare to say that it’s not *that* innovative. Back in 2001 S:BoD already did the same job, to create a battle system that would not accept auto-hitting, but instead would demand precise strikes from the player, as also precise defensive action. The schema of combo hits being unlocked through leveling up was also there.

I remember that I was totally caught by S:BoD when I bought a new set of speakers, and did not put the old ones away, instead I plugged all of them at the same time and enjoyed for the first time a fully 3D-sounded environment. When I walked by a torch and could hear it clearly behind me I was hooked. I must say that the game was pretty challenging, and I couldn’t finish it – mostly because of a hard disk data loss, that left me without my saved data and thus unwilling to try it all over again. But it does brings me a bunch of good excellent gameplay.

After that revival I went out to lunch, and then I stopped by the Cultura Bookstore to by my wife and daughter a comic book. When I reached the appropriated sector I went to the game magazines shelf and bought a copy of Neverwinter Nights Platinum. I have been flirting over it for a few months and all that nostalgia got me going. Yeah, I know, call me weak-minded. The thing is, now I have this excellent game that I had played (and haven’t finished either) along with its first two expansions. I know I won’t have much time to play it, but I’ll try. All I know is that I haven’t played a game like that for a while and I know for sure that it will make me relax a little.

[EDIT: I just googled about the similarities between AoC and S:BoD and was suprised by seeing this post as the first result, as well the only one to mention it. Am I wrong or are everyone else short-memoried? Oh, and by the way, the gore-like limb-cutting was also there.]


2 Responses

  1. I’m playing AoC and loving it so far.
    I’ve never played “Severance: Blade of Darkness”, looks nice but you can’t compare both. For the simple fact that AoC is a MMORPG and meant to be played in a third person perspective against REAL LIVE PERSONS (Not shouting.. just highlighting).
    AoC is innovative to use that approach in addition to combos to activate abilities in a MMO. I guarantee you that other companies thought about that but none had the guts to do so until now.

  2. I totally agree with you. I do understand that bringing this combat system, and upgrading it, to the MMORPG world is quite challenging, and AoC seems to have done it pretty well. What I have felt surprised about is that no one have noticed the resemblance, or if one has, no comment was made about it.

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