Game Design Challege: One Button

I’ve just submitted a game design to the One Button Challenge by GameCareerGuide. I wish I had submitted one more, but I couldn’t finish it. If I manage to do so I’ll post it here also. So, here goes my design, I hope you all like it.

One-Button FPS

Snow Fort Defense

Inspired by the joyful game of throwing snow balls at your friends, this game will offer the user an experience that will remind him of the cold and white play sessions of his childhood.

1. The game idea

The player must defend his Snow Fort against an opposing player. There will be two types of game, versus and history mode. In the former a player will play against another one in a single match and in the latter the player will join a mini-championship across a fictional neighborhood, having to defeat several NPC players in order to win the championship.

2. The game mechanic

As the real game, the player will be sitting behind a wall made of snow – a Snow Fort – and will be able to stand up in order to throw a snow ball at his enemy’s fort. In order to stand up the player will need to twist the device towards him, and twist it on the opposite direction in order to duck. While ducked the player will need to press the button to gather snow and make a snowball. After that he can hold the button in order to “power up” the throw, the longer he holds down the button, the stronger will be the blast. Obviously the player will need to stand up in order to throw his snowball, and will make use of a crosshair located on the center of the screen. It will be possible to aim by moving the device properly on the desired direction.

3. The platform

iPhone / iPod Touch.

4. The target audience

Given the simple controls and a widely known theme the game audience will be composed of both males and females and from children to adults.

5. Why your game will be addictively fun.

It will ring that childhood bell that loves simple games and which brings back joyful memories.


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  1. Good luck for you my friend!

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