Hey, Android, Take Your Time

Hey, Google Android, take your time. No rush. Apple will be feeding on the market while waiting for you to show up.

Seriously, when I first heard about Android months ago I found myself daydreaming, just as everybody else, about Google+Mobile-phone. Nowadays, after some postponed release-dates I don’t even care about it. Google missed the timing. Bye-bye.


2 Responses

  1. I’d have to disagree. The amount of people who actually know what Android is at the moment is incredibly small by typical cell phone market standards, and the vast majority are techies who have their eyes glued to every possible Android story they can get their hands on.

    For the majority of the population – the part that actually matters for the long term success of Android – it’ll be brand new to them when they walk into their cell provider stores and pick up the latest and greatest Android handset.


  2. Danny, but that’s my point. Android is still to far away into the future. When it was released there was the hype, of course, but the truth is we all got eager to it. But nowadays it has became a myth for the majority of the community, people are joking around it. And maybe it’s Google’s fault, because the might have marketed it too early or in the wrong way. Or they just had bad luck for Apple releasing the iPhone and now having it upgraded.

    The fact is, iPhone is real today, while Android isn’t. And that’s sad, because I’m still curious about it and because when it comes out Apple will be a few miles away. But I may be wrong. Actually I hope I am. 🙂

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