Game Design: Grab That Hen, Joe! (Pega A Galinha, Zé!)

I’ve made it! And I’m so proud of myself! Thanks to Mrs. Brathwaite’s exercise I was able to walk through my mind’s caotic thoughts and created my very own first board game!

It’s a simple race-to-the-end board game, with a 10 minutes average gameplay. I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

By the way, as I am not an graphic artist (even thought I wanted to be one) the board and tokens I’ve created are very simple, and are far away from the look I wanted them to have (a cartoonish and colorful style). So, if you’re an artist and wants to create some nice assests for my game, feel free to do it! Just create it and send it to me, I’ll post it gratefully.

So, here it goes its description, both in English and in Portuguese, and then the download link. 🙂

Grab that Hen, Joe!
Introduction: When living on a farm, lunch doesn’t come from a supermarket’s shelf, it’s running through the henhouse! In this game players must pursue and grab a hen in order to guarantee the noon’s meal. And the one who grabs the hen will have the bigger slice!

Pega a galinha, Zé!
Quando se vive numa fazenda, o almoço não costuma estar em uma prateleira de super-mercado, e sim correndo em um galinheiro! Neste jogo todos devem correr atrás da galinha para garantir a refeição do dia, e quem pegá-la terá direito ao maior pedaço!

Download! (PDF document containing rules, game board and game assets)


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