My Crates

I should have posted this earlier, but my memory isn’t reliable sometimes. So, here goes the whole list of crates I created and submitted to the GameCareerGuide Design Challenge. The first one was the one that got selected, as you may already have seen here.

Teleport Kiosk
Description: A rectangular metal-box with two luminescent faces, one is for entering and the other one is for exiting. But these actions never take place on the same box, for when entering into a given kiosk one will exit in another box. When hit by a shot or blast, the kiosk will rotate on its y axis, changing the position of its faces.
Usage: Transportation

Inertia Cube
Description: A solid and translucent cube that increases its density based on its inertia (also changing its color). When thrown, these cubes will became denser/heavier based on their speed and distance, and their color will vary from translucent to crimson.
Usage: Blocking and throwing

Lifting Platform
Description: Two squared, metallic surfaces positioned one above the other. When something is put on top of them, the upper surface will ascend vertically until a given height.
Usage: Climbing

Description: A block of solid metal, which may have any face magnetized, positively or negatively (identified by color). Thus they could be used as “bricks” for creating new structures.
Usage: Blocking and construction

Description: A robotic crate, used to store anything. It will only open its lid if a given password is given (be polite and say please), which it will do gratefully.
Usage: Storage

Foam Cube
Description: A compacted cube made of expansive foam. When hit it will expand itself sideways.
Usage: Blocking

Description: Metal box equipped with a big red button, that reads “Repair!” in big white letters. One just need to push it in order for a Jack-Repairer to pop out of the box, ready to repair any item you may posses.
Usage: Repair damaged items

Description: A portable communication station, shaped as a steel box, which contains a small antenna inside it.
Usage: Communication

Dual-State Lifting Cube
Description: A metallic cube that have two states: hoping and hovering, identified both by colors (blue and red) and icons (an V-like arrow indicating a “hop”, and a straight down-up arrow) and will switch states when hit. When in hoping mode, it will work as a trampoline, projecting the player upwards, and when in hovering mode it will elevate the player to a given height.
Usage: Climbing

Stun Crate
Description: A metallic box equipped with an electric generator inside it. When hit, the crate will release an high-voltage electric discharge, that can be used to stun enemies, electrify water or other materials.
Usage: Blocking, stunning.


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