Games Outsourcing

It’s been a while since I’ve signed up in two major outsourcing portals, Rent A Coder and Elance. The first one is widely known but looks a little unorganized, while the latter presents a more polished interface and a better-crafted bidding system. But its best feature is to provide RSS feeds for every search you perform on the site. This has allowed me to keep an eye on the opportunities all day long, and this I can tell you, my friends, there are quite a few nice ones showing up.

The truth is, the larger amount of opportunities are related to web-games, mostly cassino and card games, with the technology ranging from PHP to Flash, going all the way through web-aware languages. Tha’ts bad news for me, because I’ve been away from webdeveloping for quite a long time now and I kind of don’t have the guts for it anymore.

But, there have been an increasingly demand for iPhone games! That’s right, Apple’s mobile phone has been crawlling its way to the top of the chart, and at a quite fast-paced way, I must say. If you haven’t been paying attention to it, almost every game studio on the globe is looking at the iPhone, and some of them are moving towards it already! As I’ve just read on this article, GarageGames has ported it’s Torque engine for iPhone, allowing the development of both 2D and 3D games using a WYSIWYG editor. And they’re not the only one there, you just have to Google for it, and you’ll find out.

Finally, if you were wondering whether it was a good idea to start looking at iPhone development or not, being concerned about the opportunities available on the industry, I would guess that, yes, maybe it’s the time to go for it. Afterall, the earlier comers will be prone to surviving the first iPhone-bubble burst.


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