Some Thoughts on Wii

After reading the excellent article I linked to on my last post, my mind kept working on the subject. Eventually it connected a few dots and left me amazed with the possibilities. Let me share these with you guys.

It became clear to all of us that Nintendo is patiently, and effectively, crawling up the video-game-tiers ladder, and thus it will reach the top sooner or later. But we can only guess which means it will use in order to reach the highest-tier, right? Well, it became somehow clearer to me what these means might be.

The other day I read on Kotaku that Logitech created an official Wii keyboard, to be released next month and that it will be supported within Animal Crossing for Wii, which was a warm surprise, at least to me, since it’s AC, and it’s all about communicating. So, will be AC the only game to support this new device? Obviously not.

If we think about the highest tiers, which genre of games do we have on them? The triple-acronym-trio: FPS, RTS and RPG. It’s common-knowledge that the “hardcore” gamers are into one of these, at least. While the last one has been present on the gaming consoles for quite a while, the first one have arrived there later, but have already found a nice and warm place amongst console players’ hearts. And what about the second one? Oh yeah, I know it’s difficult to imagine someone playing a RTS game one a game pad. If only we had a keyboard and a mouse… Huh?! That’s right. Now wii’ll (sic) have a keyboard!! Ooohhh… *sigh* but we’re still lacking a mouse… Or are we? Don’t we mean a pointing device? Something like the Wiimote? Ding! And moving from a standard RTS game to a Tatical-RPG, and even to WoW, isn’t a long and winding road, is it?

I don’t like betting, but if I did I would bet $1 on seeing a RTS game on the Wii within a couple of years.


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