Credits Are Nice

What a coincidence. I was planning on writing on Game Credits but was lacking some info on today’s games, but after opening my RSS reader I saw that Mrs. Brathwaite posted a piece on the subject and filled me with I wanted. Thanks for that. 🙂

So, last Saturday we went to the cinema in order to watch Kung-Fu Panda, which happens to be a really nice movie and, most important, was pleasant enough for our two-and-a-half-years-old daughter to keep her tuned for the whole movie. By the end of the movie there came the credits, and then we (me and my wife) felt there was something very wrong. They only credited two actors for the voices, the guy who voiced Po, and the girl who voiced Tigress, although there was room to name all the other actors. It may seem very odd for everyone else around the world but here in Brazil we don’t acctually know the names of the voice actors, at least not the more experienced, daily cartoon dubber. These two actors were creditaded only because they’re famous, and work for the largest TV company around here.

Well, after that we discussed the subject for a while and then it went away. But I kept it on the back on my head and put it toghether with games (duh!). I have been playing Neverwinter Nights for a while and I don’t know who created it. I mean, the people, the joes, that spent sometime into crafting it. It’s true that I haven’t had got the time to open the game again and check if there’s a “Credits” option on the main menu, but I’m sure that there aren’t any credits on the opening animation for I’ve watched it a couple of times already.

That’s lame, isn’t it? As Brenda pointed out over her post, sometimes studios may get “everything-or-anything” and publish every single people that had anything to do with the game development, but you can’t blame them, can you? I think that the point is, credits must be properly given! It’s better even for marketing, just like movies. If you liked a game by someone, you’ll probably be interested on checking out his next game. Obviously the same aplies to the negative side of that coin, if that game sucked, will you try another one? So they assumed the best strategy would be to trust the Studio, not the employees, because, of course, they’re employees and thus they follow company’s rules and standards, right? Yeah.

Anyway, what I know is that I would like to check out the credits of the games I liked, and I would really appreciate to not need to go over Wikipedia to find it out.


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