Sexuality in Games

As Renato Russo (deceased Brazillian songwriter/poet) have written “Strange party, Weird people” (Festa estranha / Gente esquisita).

The other day a read a much interesting article by Robert B. Marks at The Escapist, “Sex and Dragon Slaying”. The author recalls how the subject was approached by Seth Robinson on the much-famed BBS game Legend of The Red Dragon. And I felt kind of surprised when reading the text, because I was an avid player of LoRD, and didn’t remembered all that sex on the game. But upon finishing the piece I could remember a few things (basically the flirting with Violet) but I didn’t know the more mature features, such as marriage and children.

Now I wish I did, because it seems so much deeper than the game I used to play. It’s true that the sex was only a part of the whole game, but getting to know about it now made me wonder. I felt motivated to go back to it again, but due to me being unable to access Nuklear’s LoRD from work takes the game away from myself. I could play it from home, that’s true, but I won’t be able to play it on a regular schedule.

Back to Mr. Marks article, he detailed what were Seth Robinson’s intentions with his game and how it evolved from a teenager to an adult’s point of view regarding sex. It’s really such a nice article, you guys should read it.

Upon finishing it I moved to another article on the same subject, it’s Pressing The Right Buttons, by Michael Deneen. This time the author theorizes on what a video game focusing on presenting an interactive sex content, ranging from the foreplay until the act itself. The idea, and challange, is to present the sex as a full experience, not merely as a in-game reward. We all know it’s hard to present sex in a way it feels part of something wider, not as the core of a given media experience (movies, books, etc).

And today I’ve just seen this news: Fable II will feature an Orgy Achievement, amongst several similar ones, such as marriage infidelity and heavy drinking. Well, I cannot help but think of it as an evolutionary mayhem of LoRD’s sexual approach. It sure gives players more mature possibilities within the game, but I could bet that their intention was more to-cause-media-buzz, than to-present-mature-content.

Don’t take me as a grumpy 29-years-old guy, you see, this may be presented in a mature way, even if their intention was to get noticed over the media, and steal GTA’s place on the news. I mean, in LoRD you never got to see graphic representation of the sexual act (I know it was text-based, but there were ASCII-art back on those days, right?). The text only described what happened in such a subtle way that teenagers didn’t get horny or anything like that. Well, at least not me. But being on a 3D virtual world, will an user be satisfied with only subtle sex-scene descriptions? I doubt that. And I bet Fable developers already knew it too.

Still, I’m curious about it, and I guess it’ll be a strange experience, with weird people. Probably.


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