Breaking In. Patience and Perseverance are the Key.

I’ve read a few articles this week which left me with a grin on my face.

The first one was the Johnathan Blow’s interview by Stephan Totilo, in which the author of Braid talks about the crafting of this game. He states that although he begun working on the title in April 2005, it actually didn’t take whole three years of development. He even took some 1 to 3-month breaks on the development, and even when he was developing it, he wouldn’t do it for 8 hours a day (he says the average was like 3,5 hours a day). Upon finishing reading the interview I went on to reading The Art of Braid, in which I discovered that the game was pretty much finished before too much effort was put on the graphics. Mr. Blow was patient enough to focus only on the gameplay and leva the graphics for the final stage (the polished graphics, anyway).

The other article that amused me was No More IT for Me, by Robert Madsen, in which the author tells us how he, a 46-year-old IT consultant with 25 years of experience on IT development, broke into the Game Industry. By reading the article we get to know how he decided that he wanted to break into GI, even if that would mean that he would apply for Junior positions, lacking industry experience, and also learn a new programming language. It was sure not easy, but it was possible, and his story show us just that: patience and perseverance will take you wherever you want. Sure it’s a bit of luck, or maybe it’s just how well you’ve built your network, but in any case you need to wait. But do not mistake wait with “numb waiting”, you have to “active wait”. Get prepared. Study. Build up you professional network.

These articles taught me to be patient, and that even when you need to pause some activity for a while, what really matters is to get back to it eagerly. And also that networking is the key that opens a lot of doors.

I didn’t felt hopeless before, but now I’m sure that I’m not hopeless. I’m just at the begining of my journey.


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  2. Great post. Very motivating.


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