RPG Quest Challenge. Submission #1

Here is my first submission for this week’s design challenge, to create a RPG quest. I’ll try to come up with something for another one until the dead line.

Aqui vai a minha primeira submissão para o desafio desta semana, escrever uma quest para um RPG. Eu vou tentar inventar algo para outra até o prazo final.

[Click to continue/Clique para continuar]

[0] Old Man With-A-Crane: Greetings, young master. I see you are some sort of adventurer, so would you be interested on aiding an old man? 

1) Do I look like some sort of boy-scout? Now, get lost!

2) Mmm… sure. I think I can help you. What’s the problem?


[1] Old Man With-A-Crane: Hmm. I’m sorry to hear that. Then I guess I’ll have to find another adventurer willing to offer me aid in exchange for a few gold coins… 

3) Er… Gold coins you said? Let me hear what’s bothering you, sire.

4) Yeah, yeah. Whatever…


[2/3] You see, I have a grand-daughter who has been suffering from a disease caused by a spell cast upon her. And my son, her father… he… *sob* 

4) Sorry, I’m not into drama. See you.

5) Yes? He…?


[4] Old Man With-A-Crane: Fine! (and then he simply vanishes into a smoke cloud). 

[5] Old Man With-A-Crane: Sorry. As I was saying, he went looking for some ingredients for a counter-spell. But he fell dead during his last attempt into finding these elements. And now after losing my only son, I am about to lose my only grand-daughter… 

4) Hey, why the long face? You can always go for adoption, right? Now, get lost.

6) That’s really touching, sir. I could help you if you allow me. Which are these ingredients and where can I found them?


[6] Old Man With-A-Crane: Oh, really? Would you? All I need is 20 dwarf beards, which can be found at the Tramalforian Forest. I promise you not only my gratitude but a few gold coins in return. 

7) Wait for me here. I’ll be back before you know it!


[7] (Returning with the 20 beards) Old Man With-A-Crane: Oh, you’re back! And alive! (Then the Old Man turns into a Powerful-looking Wizard). 

Powerful-looking Wizard: I thought I would never lay my hand on those beards. Excuse my previously deceiving manners, but that was the only way to convince people of helping me. I was banned from that forest a long time ago, but have needed those facial hairs for a while. Now, I must flee. Thank you again! 

(The Wizard vanishes into a smoke cloud, and the player receives 100 gold coins and a unidentified red gem)


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