RPG Quest Challenge. Submission #2

Yes. It’s coming out, then I’m writing (and submitting) them! Here goes the second one.

É isso mesmo. Está vindo, e eu estou escrevendo (e submetendo) as quests. Aqui vai a segunda.

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[0] Old Man With-A-Crane: Huh, heh. Hello there, mister. Are you fond of dwarves, heh? 

1) It depends. Why?

2) What are you talking about? Flee now, your old beggar!


[1] OMWaC: Well, the thing is. My mistress, a young and gorgeous witch, has been imprisoned by a vengeful wizard, who used to be her lover. Although she is quite powerful, she hasn’t been able to free herself from such condition. 

3) Mmmm… keep going. I’m listening.

2) Stop right there. I don’t want business with witchcraft. Farewell.


[2] OMWaC: Fine. Farewell. 

[3] OMWaC: But having been myself in her company for some years now, I have learned a few tricks. And together with her guidance I have been able to almost create a counter-spell! 

2) Right. Almost created. Mm Hm. It was nice talking to you, bye.

4) And did it work?


[4] OMWaC: *Sigh*. No, no. I didn’t, for I was lacking the last ingredients. You see, here comes the dwarves’ part. I need 20 dwarf beards, from the dwarves that live in the Tramalforian Forest. Would you help me out? 

5) What am I going to profit?

2) Nope. Sorry, I’m too busy. All the best!


[5] OMWaC: Well, all I can offer is a few gold coins. So, are you up to it? 

6) All right then. Sit tight.

2) Changed my mind. I’d better get going. Good luck for you, thou.


(Returning with the 20 beards)


[6] OMWaC: You’ve returned! May the Gods bless you! Your name shall be praised in the four corners of the world. May the bards sing your… 

7) Huh, hello? I’ve done my part, what about yours?


[7] OMWaC: Oh, yes. Yes! You see, you took so long that I got hungry and had to have a snack over the tavern. The thing is, I have no gold coin to offer you. But, I do have this magical ring. Here, take it. 

(The player receives an unidentified silver ring. After that the Old Man fades away…)

(Later on the game the player might encounter both the Old Man or his Mistress. And then if he still posesses the silver ring he will be given another quest)


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